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    Shower Screen Seals

    Here we have our full range of shower screen seals that push over the glass covering all sorts of different screen widths, shapes and sizes. If you know the thickness of the screen, you can select from the options to the left to narrow down your search. We stock the widest range of seals in the UK including some that are not found on any other website, so please have a browse through this page to see if you can match up the shape of the seal you are looking for with one or more in our range.

    Don't forget our cut to length service if you would like us to provide a seal to a particular length (to the nearest mm). Some of our seals are also available with different "depths" meaning you can choose how much of a lip you require for the best water seal for your needs.

    Any shower screen seal, or other products that you buy online from us are covered by a buyer's warranty from Google Certified Shops and you can see our customer rating in the bottom right of the screen.

    Need any advice or assistance? No problem, just give us a call on 01634 272224 or email us on and our experts will be able to guide you.

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